Welcome to the workshop of Roman Malamant, restorer of fine string instruments.  Our violin shop is located in Oslo, Norway.

We specialize in restoration of bowed string instruments as well as sound adjustments, bow repairs and maintenance.

We follow the traditional repair methods and make everything possible to preserve an instrument in its original condition. An instrument is a voice that allows you to express your artistic personality. Roman Malamant is known for his extraordinary ability to adjust an instrument to player's artistic style and musical taste.

Thank you for visiting and please don't hesitate to contact us for all your instrument needs.

Decades of experience in restoring, care and adjusting of
string instruments - violin, viola, cello and their bows

Welcome to Roman Malamant, violin maker & restorer, Oslo, Norway

by appointment: tlf. (+47) 991 09 947.
Kirkeveien 37 A, 0368 Oslo, Norway.
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